I wasn’t sure what to say about yesterday. About publishing my first work of fiction. About the BEFORE and AFTER emotional roller coaster. About the fatigue after spending hours formatting, cover creating, and tag searching.

What is there to say, really? The BEFORE me was anxious, barely eating, barely sleeping. Leading up to the publish date, I forced myself to work, work, work until…I was published.

Then I sat. Dazed. Alone in my apartment. Smiling. Then crying. Then numb.

The AFTER me…well…

I guess I didn’t realize how similar the two versions of myself would be. I thought publishing would feel different. And it does. There’s definitely a “different” feel to the world now, I think “differently” even after only one day of being a published author.

But, at the same time, nothing’s changed.

Maybe it’ll hit me later on. Maybe I’ll realize all the changes once my body has caught up with my mind and vice versa.

All I know is I’m published. I’m tired. And I’m ready to write the next adventure.

And…really…that’s all I need. 🙂

That’s a good realization. Feels good, warm and fuzzy like.

So, there’s my published author post. Not super exciting, but it kind of is. In a slow burn, under the skin, subtle sorta way.

Which is fine by me.

Hope everyone is having a lovely morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night.

I’ll see ya in the next post.

What do you think? Let me know ;)