New Project Hype

I got that New Project fe-vahh~~~

Definitely feeling the “new shiny” syndrome, but also feeling good about leaving the old project behind. It’s tough to know whether switching to a new project is good when the previous project is nowhere near completion. But when the urge to move on hits almost every day, I think I need to listen.

The Shadow Break Universe may one day return, but I’m not entirely upset that I’m leaving it behind. It was a project that was born out of midnight storytelling back and forth with a friend. It’s been this living, breathing entity in my mind for over ten years. And I think my years of learning, honing, and tripping over metaphors have finally bypassed the need for this crutch. And this series is a crutch. A world that I can manipulate to my fancy, change on a whim. Hard to admit, but it’s not really a story anymore. It’s a place in my brain to visit to try out a new concept or writing skill. Not really a place to create publishable works. At least not right now.

So, of course, the next obvious step is to write a meta-fantasy retelling of Robin Hood.


This project has already been a blast. I’m able to apply different plotting skills I’ve collected that Shadow Break never helped with. I already had Shadow Break plotted. I couldn’t apply these “starting from scratch” strategies with a story that already existed. I can build this story with a strong foundation rather than a shaky, “this seems cool,” half-finished basement.

It feels like I can mentally breathe. Feels like publishing is a real concept. A short-term concept.

I’m going all out with this project. I know the dangers of lingering in a world. I lingered with my darling Andrew Price for eleven years. And as sweet and idiotically charming as he is, he’s not enough anymore.

So, I set a finish date. Already. And its November 1st.

Yes, less than 30 days.

Just so I can write the second book for NaNoWriMo this year. With a finish date on December 1st, yes.

And then keep on with the third and final book in December.

For a January trilogy release!

I think I might be crazy, but I don’t want to get stuck again. And I want to get my words out there already! C’mon self! Just do it!

I’ve dreamed and dreamed of being a published author who writes every day for her job.

Time to stop dreaming. 🙂

Those are my plans for the last quarter of the year. A crazy writing sprint that might turn into a feverish nightmare. We’ll see.

Hope all is well in your creative world and I hope you’re having a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night!

What do you think? Let me know ;)