Goal Setting Log

I’ve never been good at coming up with my own schedule. Or my own goals.

I’m really good at following orders and direction, something that is such a weakness in my mind to the point that it triggers anxiety attacks. Not pretty. And they’re time consuming. But whenever that connection in my brain fires off when someone asks me for a favor, I do it without question. Robotically, but it gets done.

Wanting to pull away from the 9-5 and build my own business has been my goal/dream since I learned it was possible. Earn enough money to live from writing books all day? Uh, yes please!

Trouble is, I don’t have the skills to self-manage. I’ve always had others make my schedules, tell me which classes to go to, what homework to complete. Writing stories was always a side thing. But now that I want to make it a true business, I’m not only finding out all my weaknesses, I’m losing the ability to find my writing flow because I’m so focused on them.

It comes down to fear. I know it does. And simple goal setting just isn’t cutting it for me.

What I’m experimenting with right now is a Bullet Journal. The doodling mixed with to-do lists seems to be working out, but I’m working out of a binder rather than a notebook so it’s not easy to have with me at all times.

I also want to try “creation sessions” rather than fixed times for specific activities. I want to do more than write, after all. I want to code video game experiences. I want to write songs and actually write the music for them. I want to make videos (vlogs AND scripted content). I want to keep up with a blog for once… Lots of things. So, I’m going to set aside “creation sessions” for doing whatever is tickling the fancy that day. I’m prone to changing my mind a lot, so I think this will make more sense for me.

I’d also like to try segmented sleep, but past attempts have proven that my current schedule won’t work around that just yet. But I love the idea of splitting up sleep so that you have more energy to work on creative things in the middle of the night rather than no energy after getting off of work.

I’m going to keep tabs on it, keep a log. Here seems as good a place as any. πŸ™‚ If it’s not interesting, apologies, but I love hearing others’ progress in goal setting. Helps me learn my own processes.

But for now, I hope everyone is having a good morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night. Hope you are one step closer to your goals today. Bye!

What do you think? Let me know ;)