Favorites Corner!

A new series on the blog? A new way to disorganize my categories and/or pages altogether?

You bet.

But I’m in a rambling mood, so why not ramble about some of my recent favorites from the summer?

Favorite Thing #1 completely undermines the category, but I’m seriously so glad summer is over. Today is a blustery, full Fall day. Gray skies. Gray clouds. Wet roads. Chilly air. Ah… it’s perfection. I have my scarves and gloves at the ready at all times. Now I get to use them. ^_^ So much excite!

Favorite Thing #2 is the TV series The Magicians. How do I even describe my feelings…? It’s equal parts Harry Potter, Narnia, dark mental health story, coming of age, and sarcasm. Well, the sarcasm might be a bigger part than the rest, ha. I fell in love with this series when my sister recommended it because it had been added to our Netflix recs. So, I watched one episode… and was hooked within five minutes. Probably less.

The characters are so well-developed and rounded. The dialogue is laugh out loud funny while also addressing the serious stakes at hand in the plot. Quentin Coldwater is basically me as well. One part fantasy fan. One part awkward introvert. All parts depressed anxiety. Eliot and Margo’s relationship is one of my favorite things I’ve seen ever. Alice Quinn is next level Hermione Granger. Penny is just flat out amazing with those one-liners. Kady is just a badass. And Julia, oh Julia… I want to fix you so bad!!

I caught up with season 2, finally, and cannot wait for season 3. Like… what’s going to happen after that finale, huh? How are they going to fix that? Or that? Or any of it? (Oh Quentin, I know you were trying to help, but omg.)

Needless to say, I recommend it to any urban fantasy fan. Seriously. Go. Now.

Favorite Thing #3 is the new 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Not only is the story just solid, even with all the changes from the original source, but the actors pull off great performances. From Pennywise to the kids to the forgetful Derry parents. Really great visuals – beautiful really – and the creepy clown mystery tone permeates every pore of the film. I want to go see it again and again. Definitely one movie I’m going to own.

Favorite Thing #4 is a mindset shift. Switching to simple things. Focusing down on the details. I’ve always been interested in learning twenty things at once, but now I’ve slowly whittled down my project list to a single project. Which feels weird, but good. My brain can squirrel as much as it wants, but always has a place to land when it’s finished. Feels nice, actually. I still want to learn about to code video games, create awesome video essays, and paint epic watercolor comic things, but they can wait. They’re extras for later in life.

And that’s been Favorites Cornerrrr *cue raucous party music and air horns*

Summer was, as always, a time to sit inside in the AC and think. I’m excited for Fall to bring forth that burst of productivity I’ve been craving since April.

Till next time Lovely People, have a good morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night!

What do you think? Let me know ;)