My Brother, My Blood – Book 1 – Shadow Break Universe

She felt the threat like a knife dragging on her bones. Felt the cold sting of another presence. 

No, she thought, not another one…

When twenty-year-old reclusive nerd Charlie Masters inherits an Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago, all she cares about is making her mother proud and leaving her peculiar secrets back home on the island.

Too bad for Charlie, she won’t even make it past lunch before the pasta starts flying…not to mention doors slamming and the walls icing over. So much for a fresh start. Turns out, her new apartment is as haunted as her past.

Enter Lincoln Banes, roguish, snarky, and armed with a rune-covered truck, he knows everything there is to know about the paranormal.  Well…mostly.  So what if he lives in his truck and hasn’t showered in months?  He may be the only one who can help Charlie understand the ghostly forces invading her kitchen…and the world.

In order to thwart the poltergeist’s next noodle strike, Charlie will have to put aside her wallflower inclinations, summon her inner ghost hunter, and join forces with the indomitable and incorrigible Lincoln…just as soon as he takes a shower.

My Brother, My Blood follows Charlie and Lincoln’s paranormal adventures across the country and world as they learn how to attune to magical runes, battle wicked monsters, and investigate the supernatural tragedies haunting their pasts.

A Shadow Break Universe serial. 

This is a serialized piece of work, released in eight-episode seasons.


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Book Categories: Paranormal and Shadow Break Universe.