Born into a military family, E. K. Ronnie, a. k. a. Brittany, moved all over the USA throughout her childhood, meeting vastly different people and grumbling about different education systems in different states. But she has always been a writer. Everywhere her family moved, she took her worlds with her in boxes of notebooks and her favorite books.

Eldest of five girls, Brittany was always the one “in charge” over her sisters and learned that leadership wasn’t easy at a young age. She played soccer until high school. She sang in choirs and played alto saxophone in bands. Every new school brought new experiences and Brittany gladly took them in.

The time came to leave the chaotic house of sisters and cats after graduating high school. To Colorado she travelled, ready to face the world alone and thrust her stories in front of waiting eyes.

Of course, things are never that easy. Brittany had every intention of becoming the next famous author. She had so many stories to share. But fate stepped in and introduced her to the love of her life before her freshman year could end.

College life brought with it adulthood and Brittany, more than once, got sidetracked by finances, classes, juggling several jobs and the need to eat. That is important.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Denver with her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, Brittany knew she could finally focus on becoming the famous author she had always wanted to be. Between adulting and sleeping, she somehow manages to fit in time for her passion and hopes to share her stories with as many eyes as she can until they are, in fact, begging for more.